Renowned for its lasting Christian heritage, Armenia has for many years endured political and economic isolation, unemployment and relative poverty.

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What we do

House of Esther

In 2015, we refurbished a former youth centre near Spitak in the north of Armenia, to help promote transformational community development.

Renamed the House of Esther, it initially became a home for some of the many Syrian refugees entering the country,
to help them to rebuild their lives.

Most refugees have now moved on and the
House of Esther has been transformed into a s
mall training centre for use with local communities.


What We do


An Urgent Need ...

We have started several skills training programmes for women in sewing, traditional crafts and animal husbandry. With the Covid-19 crisis, the regional unemployment r ate has increased dramatically, so the need for new skills and income generation is more urgent than ever.

What We do


Tamara Simonyan & Sam Khachatryan

GHNI staff team, Armenia

What We do