Sustainable Development

Millions of people are living in extreme poverty.

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Transformational Community Development (TCD) programmes help the poorest to lift themselves out of poverty.

Our long-term goal is to promote sustainable development in some of the most under-served and unreached communities in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. TCD happens both in cities & villages leading to real prospects for hope

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Better Hygiene Saves Lives



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Clean Water
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Deep Well Water Pump

Transformational Community Development ©

Working through local committees, TCD programmes provide training in

low-cost, low tech and locally available

solutions in each of 5 key areas:


Safe clean water for drinking, cooking and washing.


Viable nutritional food to end chronic hunger and malnutrition.


Solutions for critical sanitation, disease-prevention, and home health.


Primary level education for every girl and boy.


Resources for sustainable family income generation.

Transformational Community Development (TCD) © is a copyrighted process developed by Global Hope Network International in 2009

Clustering Effect

As one community transforms, others nearby see the benefits and want to learn how to achieve the same.

Transformation spreads and whole districts can be lifted out of poverty.

Clustering Effect - Sustainable Development

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