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What we do

In January 2020, when Coronavirus first started spreading abroad, we established a global Crisis Management Team and urged our national teams to be vigilant.


Taking care to protect themselves, staff visited as many villages as possible, but this has become increasingly difficult as countries have extended travel restrictions.

However, seminars have been run in many villages to explain the need for good hygiene, social distancing and the proper use of masks.   Local enterprises such as Women Empowerment Centres have been particularly active here.


TCD - Keyhole Garden
TCD - Keyhole Garden


our key message.   


Some individuals have also taken the opportunity to start up new businesses making masks, liquid soap or hand washing facilities.


Food shortages are becoming an increasing worry for many of the poorest communities as supplies have been severely affected by lockdown.  So we have been promoting F.A.I.T.H. (Food Always In The Home) programmes, which help families to grow their own produce using keyhole gardens and the like, becoming more self-sufficient.


What We do