Who Are We?

Global Hope Network International is a small humanitarian aid organization which works in some of the least developed countries in Asia, the Middle East & Africa.

With our HQ in Geneva, we mobilize support for field projects & staff through national GHNI associations based in the UK, USA & Switzerland.

We respond to disasters & emergencies where we can, providing food, clothing such as in the Middle East where we have been helping 1000s of refugees.

However, our overall aim is to promote sustainable development in some of the most under-served & unreached communities in the world, giving them the knowledge & skills needed to bring about lasting change.

Such an approach empowers communities to take ownership of their own needs & meet them as far as they can, while avoiding a dependency culture and maintaining a sense of dignity and self-respect.

Our Transformational Community Development (TCD) programmes also focus on specific needs, such as for clean water, food security, wellness, education & income generation.

The cooperation of governments is vital if development is to be truly sustainable, and we engage governments in the countries where we’re working in providing essential services, e.g. education, health care & roads.

The Geneva Institute for Leadership and Public Policy exists to bring national leaders together, holding conferences in Geneva and regionally, encouraging them to develop policies that will benefit the prospects of their poorest communities, to give them a future and a hope.

In the UK, Global Hope Network International is a registered charity (No. 1148384).