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Disaster Relief

Malcolm Gifford



Malcolm Gifford

Chairman & Trustee

Malcolm worked for most of his career with the UK government and latterly the International Labour Organisation, Geneva, promoting occupational health & safety and helping to eradicate child labour globally.

A founding member of GHNI UK in 2012, Malcolm has helped to publicize GHNI’s work globally, strengthening support for field staff and projects in various countries, notably in the Middle East and Armenia.

He has been a regular speaker at the annual Geneva Institute for Leadership and Public Policy conferences in Geneva, co-sponsored by GHNI and UNITAR.

Juliet Donoghue

Juliet Donoghue


In May 2019 Juliet finished a term as an elected member of the local government in the UK. By profession, she is a nurse practitioner and currently works in the health care sector.  She remains involved with the Parliamentary Cross Party Malaria & Tropical Medicine, having completed a leadership programme with the UK government. Previously Juliet served as chair of the East Midlands Christian Fellowship and has served on several boards for NGOs and other charities.

Hal Jones

Richard Holt


Richard has a cross-cultural background having served overseas for many years. As an international development worker he has helped to equip and train nationals to launch and lead self-sustainable movements amongst the rural poor in West Africa and South-East Asia.

Richard currently resides in London where he works with vulnerable groups across the UK as well as continuing to supervise international development programmes.

Tim Norman


Tim Norman
Partnership Development Director.

Tim is a church leader and entrepreneur, with a background in chemical research.

Coming from an international background, he has a passion for sustainable development lifting people out of poverty and giving them hope for a better future.

Tim is keen to see our work grow in every aspect, with a particular interest in combatting human trafficking and in our refugee work.

In terms of countries, Tim is particularly engaged in our work in Myanmar and in the Middle East.